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Free2Talk was founded by William Mount, with the support of his mother and lifelong pediatrician.  William's vision for Free2Talk was born first out of his experience as a lifelong stutterer - which with speech therapy he has been able to manage and navigate. He recognized that not everyone has access to or can afford this vital therapy that helped him to overcome his impediment. In addition, William has benefited from mental health therapy, especially life-saving at a time when depression and anxiety nearly engulfed him in his first year of high school.  


William learned firsthand how both speech and mental health therapy changed his life.  He also came to understand how expensive and often inaccessible therapy is to kids and teens.  From that realization emerged Free2Talk - a non-profit organization that aims to provide financial assistance to Virginia kids and teens seeking therapy but without the ability to pay for it.



Our goal at Free2Talk is to provide financial assistance to Virginia kids and teens' families who are unable to afford and/or access speech and mental health therapy.  Through our network of partner collaborators, Free2Talk is able to pay up to 80% of the costs of therapy for up to a maximum of 16 weeks. Below is the list of speech therapy and mental health providers that are partnering with Free2Talk:

Quality Pediatric Therapy (Speech Therapy)

Arlington|DC Behavior Therapy Institute (Mental Health Therapy for Teens)

The Center for Cognitive Therapy & Assessment (Mental Health Therapy for Kids)

Dr. Alexis Herman (Mental Health Therapy for Kids)

Renee Gallo Psychological Services (Mental Health Therapy for Kids/Teens)

​​The Child & Family Practice of Washington D.C. (Psychological Assessment)

University of Virginia - Sheila C. Johnson Center for Clinical Services (Mental Health and Speech Therapy for Kids/Teens)

To apply for this assistance, please visit our Apply page.

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