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Free2Talk Partner Providers

Free2Talk is proud to partner with the following speech therapy and mental health providers, each of which is willing to work with patients approved by Free2Talk and to enable Free2Talk to provide directly assistance on behalf of the approved patient (up to 80% of costs for up to 16 weeks of sessions) :

Speech Therapy

Lauren Waters, MS CCC-SLP

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

(850) 276-6946

Mental Health & Speech Therapy (ages 4-19)

UVA - Sheila C. Johnson Center for Clinical Services

Multidisciplinary Clinic | Speech, Audiology, Psychological Treatment


Mental Health Therapy (age 6-19)

Dr. Jelena Kecmanovic, PhD

Arlington|DC Behavior Therapy Institute


Dr. Renée Gallo, PhD

Renée Gallo Psychological Services, PLLC


Call or text 301-818-4251

Dr. Douglas Fagen, PhD

Douglas Fagen, Ph.D. Psychotherapy & Assessment


Mental Health Therapy (age 4-12)

The Center for Cognitive Therapy & Assessment


Dr. Alexis Herman, Psy.D.


Psychological Assessment Services

Dr. Christina Tripodi Mitchell, Psy.D., NCSP

The Child & Family Practice of Washington D.C.

(703) 647-4197

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